Ever since I was a small boy I have been captivated by stories. My favorite memories from childhood are sitting around a campfire listening to my grandpa talking in detail of adventure and mystery. My love for stories grew as much as I did, eventually leading me to art school where I earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a major in Film. My passion and love are to be behind a camera capturing footage and editing films that will entertain others as much as my grandpa did for me. I feel lucky to tell fantastic love stories of two people on the happiest day of their lives.

Keith Burton


The 3 act structure

I remember how fast my own wedding day went. After a year of planning every detail I thought the day couldn't get here fast enough and before I knew it, it was over. Two years later It remains the best day of my life but it is a blur of moments in competition for my memory. My only regret was not getting a wedding film.


The problem I see is most wedding highlight films are just that - a blur of moments and shots in no particular order. They do capture a tone, but here at White Night Weddings, we try to do something different. We want to tell your wedding story from beginning to end, as it should be. We break our films down into 3 acts.

act I

Act I is all about setting the tone. We like to capture the bride and groom getting ready. We look at all the details of your decoration and the venue, discovering what makes your wedding unique. Often times a couple will have their First Look moment in this section as well. By the end of Act I the anticipation and excitement are rising to a new level.

act 2

We start Act II with new music that builds on a cinematic crescendo leading to the ceremony. Pulling key messages from the officiant and vows from the wedding couple lends a personal touch that, when watching, will put you right back on the day of the wedding. The climax of every Act II is always the kiss that binds the couple in a new life together.

act 3

Let the party begin! Act III is all about the milestones. Signing your marriage certificate, your first dance, cutting the cake, not to mention taking advantage of that golden light to get the most breathtaking footage and stills that will really make this a fairytale ending. The film will capture the evening dancing all the way up to your grand sendoff!



In the end, you will have an amazing 3 Act Highlight Film that will take you through your entire special day. You will get to relive every major milestone and even discover some of the details you missed out on.

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